Pet Photography is obviously a great love of mine, but I have also provided my services for (creative) corporate photos and jewelry.  You may find an artistic photo of mine on someone's wall here and there.


My love for animals and desire to do more have taken their own route over the past several years.  Most recently in the form of digitally enhanced Art Prints.  They are now available for viewing and purchase at Dogs Allowed pet boutique in Cannon Beach, OR.  These art prints keep giving and saving lives over and over.  All pets represented were a shelter resident at one time or another, an animal down on heir luck, hoping for a second chance.  I took their photographs and they were marketed on shelter websites, Pet Finder, and social media, in the hopes of attracting a wonderful new home.  Now they are represented as long lasting art, and once again benefit pets in need of a second chance.  All net proceeds from the sale of the one-of-a-kind prints go to the non-profit, Pawsitive Souls, so they can rescue on...

Commissioned projects will be gladly accepted as time allows!

The beginnings:

For a shelter or rescue animal, a nice picture may be the difference between life and death.  In March 2012 I started volunteering at the South Pacific County Humane Society as their photographer.  Since then I have captured the LOVE of hundreds of dogs and cats in need of a break at various shelters, including San Antonio Pets Alive!, SnipSA, Pawsitive Souls, and more...

I am a member of Hearts Speak: a global network of animal photographers, graphic designers, writers, illustrators, painters and advocates, who provide their time and professional services, pro-bono, to animal welfare organizations in our communities.